Office order for all the shareholders of localbird pvt lmt

We are glad to inform all the shareholders of the localbird website that we haven't earned a single penny in the last 12 months but our team is working day and night to achieve huge success this year 

special notic to all the legands.......

  1. Deepak (safai wale bhaiya  ) more if you wants to know why he is safai wala 
  2. Ravindra( adsence manager )
  3. Nitish ( social media handler )
  4. Naresh (our copycat expert) 

so anybody who wants to contribute some money for the growth of our business come ahead don't be shy 😁

Now our company needs an investment of around 2000 INR rs to keep moving in 2021 

so anyone wants to buy shares of please contact me 😜 and if you dont have time to contact me just give your credit card details to our team we will take care after that 😁


  1. I want my shares back, understand. So please send it to my UPI otherwise it won't be good for you..


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